Pat and Tony Goetz
The Casitas

Robin and David McDonald are the owners and creative force behind this boutique company that cares about making your business successful and making a big impact so customers see you in the best light. They also have a very creative flair and best of all, they set a schedule of when they would deliver the design and then finish the work, and they were spot on—we had the sign a little early and were tickled! A side note is that we are new to the community and they have bent over backwards to help us find good contacts in the area, suggested restaurants, helped us when we need it—that really has made this experience, working with not just the vendor, but a partner. Super nice, extremely honest, and fair people. Worth every dollar you spend to get the best quality result!

Kathy Essen
CJ's Cafe

I believe that first impressions are lasting impressions. That is why the design of our logo and implementation of our sign work was one of the most crucial decisions we made when establishing our restaurant in 2004. Robin and Dave McDonald of Avila Sign & Design met our needs by designing a beautiful logo which is both simple yet intricate.The signs made by Avila Sign & Design are classy and attract new customers to our business daily. Many customers have commented that they stopped at our restaurant because they make the connection between the great signage and good food! Robin and Dave are total professionals and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of signs and/or logo work.

Forrest Hatfield
ITECH Solutions

Robin and David were great to work with. They don't simply make signs, they are artists and their work is absolutely amazing. You don't have to look through their portfolio long to realize you have seen their signs all over the Central Coast, and there is a good reason for that. Robin and David at Avila Sign Design are the very best at what they do. If you are looking for a high quality sign design and something that will distinguish your business from the rest, you NEED to contact them today.